How can a FEE-ONLY adviser review and update a retirement plan?

If you are unsure whether your retirement income will be enough to retire, consider working with a FEE-ONLY adviser.

A FEE-ONLY financial adviser or CPA can play a crucial role in reviewing and updating a retirement plan. These professionals are not compensated through commissions or sales, which means they are able to provide unbiased advice that aligns with the best interests of their clients.

If you already have a retirement plan, a FEE-ONLY adviser or CPA will first assess the current status of the plan, including the investment portfolio and risk management strategies. They will then analyze the client's current financial situation, including income, expenses, and overall financial goals. Based on this analysis, the professional will be able to make recommendations on how to improve the plan, whether that means increasing contributions, adjusting the investment mix, or implementing new strategies.

In addition to reviewing the plan, a FEE-ONLY adviser or CPA can also help update the plan as needed. This may involve monitoring performance, reviewing progress towards goals, and making adjustments as needed. The adviser or CPA can also provide guidance on how to handle unexpected events, such as job loss or market downturns.

Overall, working with a FEE-ONLY adviser or CPA can provide peace of mind and confidence in the management of a retirement plan. They are experts in the field and can provide valuable insight and guidance to help ensure that a retirement plan is on track to achieve the desired outcome

If you don't have a plan, of course they can work with you to create one. 


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