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401(K) and IRA accounts have different Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules and navigating them can be challenging.
The required minimum distribution age (or RMD) has increased to 73. This is very good news for those that have ample savings.
A Required Minimum Distribution (RMDs) can be invested in a Roth IRA, but it involves understanding complex rules and regulations.
Navigating the conversation about estate plans with your children requires a thoughtful approach.


RetirementPlanAdviser.com is a trusted source of ideas and information that has assisted thousands of individuals, families, and businesses. We provide free educational resources and connect users with independent Fee-Only professionals who are part of the 1800ADVISER.COM network. 

Our team of independent Fee-Only Financial Advisers specializes in comprehensive retirement planning, offering tailored strategies for financial security in retirement. Whether you’re aiming for early retirement or planning for a specific age, our advisers provide unbiased guidance and minimize tax liabilities.

Reach out to request a no strings attached FREE CONSULTATION or ask any question with complete privacy.  Alternatively, you can visit 1800ADVISER.COM and browse the only toll-free online directory for Fee-Only professionals in the United States. 


Attorneys, accountants, and financial advisers in our network possess extensive experience when it comes to developing retirement plans.  What sets them apart is their exclusive access to a network of independent professionals, all of whom operate on a Fee-Only basis, thereby minimizing conflicts and biased advice.


A Fee-Only professional in our network charges clients directly, avoiding commissions from financial or legal product sales or referrals. This makes their advice 100% independent and 100% Objective. Depending on your location and the desired level of engagement, rates can start as low as $100 per hour or $1,500 for a flat-fee package. All fees are negotiable and agreed upon in advance.

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TheRetirementPlanAdviser.com is part of a family of Fee-Only Websites, all of which provide FREE educational resources, trusted ideas, and wisdom. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to anyone. 
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With roots dating back to 1998, we've supported thousands of individuals, families and businesses. Independent Fee-Only services promise transparency without hidden strings.

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Not only are we 100% independent and 100% Objective, but we can be compassionate and sensitive to the unique needs and concerns of all individuals, families and businesses.

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If you prefer working with robots or software engines that provide artificial intelligence or computerized advice without considering human emotions, we are not the right fit. We provide wisdom & guidance.

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At the heart of our commitment to you is privacy. Your information is never sold to third parties. Private free consultations are one-on-one sessions to help you decide if 100% Independent & 100% Objective advice will benefit you.

Our Retirement Planning Services

Assess Your Financial Situation

Financial Situation

We will review your income, expenses, debt, assets and other financial factors in order to understand your current financial position and identify areas for improvement.

Estimate Retirement Income

Retirement Income

We will discuss, review and estimate your retirement income from sources such as Social Security, IRAs, ROTH IRAs, SEP IRA, and other accounts. We will make suggestions as needed.

Asses Your True
Risk Tolerance

There is simply nothing like talking to a Fee-Only financial adviser who can objectively discuss your plans, goals, desires and risk tolerances when it comes to your retirement.

Tax Returns & Retirement Tax Planning

Tax Returns &
Tax Planning

Our Fee-Only financial advisers and CPAs can prepare your tax returns and provide guidance on how to minimize your tax burden in retirement by considering the tax implications of different types of investments.

Will, Trusts & Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts
& Estate Planning

Our network of independent financial advisers, CPAs and attorneys can collaboratively draft and/or update your will, review your beneficiary designations, wills and trust.

Integrated Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Once we understand your retirement goals, risk tolerances, income and expenses and other factors, we will create a retirement plan to show you how much you need to save or budget for your retirement.

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